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About us

Parallelle are two Amsterdam-based brothers from the south of France.

Multi-instrumentalists, composers, producers and label owners, their music cuts across electronica, electro-jazz and underground dance music. They offer live, hybrid and DJ sets which you may have heard at DGTL Festival, Burning Man, Wonderfruit, Fusion, Hi Ibiza, Get Lost, We Can Dance to name a few.

In 2019, they launched their own artist imprint – Klassified Records – and opened “The House of Klassified” in Amsterdam: a creative hub combining studios and recording facilities, an art gallery and co- working spaces.

After a lot of experimenting, Julien and Thomas feel confident to have now found their unique, signature to take on electronic club music with groovy rhythmics, a heavy and banging bassline, live recorded instruments and uplifting vocals. Crosstown Rebels, DGTL Records, Sapiens and Klassified are their musical homes.

In parallel, their music is heavily influenced by world culture which led them to launch their video series concept “A Day In”. Through this, they immerse in diverse cultures around the world, capture sound from their day-to-day life and unfold their story musically. They’ve written chapters for Essaouira, Real de Catorce, Osaka, Iceland, Bangkok, Fiji and Bengalore with many more to come later this year.

Next to producing music, both brothers have always been fascinated by the power of audio-visual. When they were approached by Peugeot to create music for their Peugeot 5008 ads, it opened up a whole new world. Fascinated by how music and sound play such an underrated part in film making, they decided to dive in it and expand their Klassified label brand by offering sonic branding services.

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