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Immerse yourself in the multi-genre, multi-sensory universe of the vanguards of a new musical epoch, Parallelle. A duo whose artistic and creative ability knows no bounds, Parallelle is not just a DJ duo; they are icons in a category of their own with an artistic journey that transcends mere performance and a soundscape that defies traditional genre confines.

Leading the way with a innovative sonic approach, the Dutch brother duo forges a unique narrative that combines elements of electronica, electro-jazz, and futuristic dance to become one of the most in-demand names in the industry. Showcasing their unparalleled musical versatility paired with live instrumental sounds, their commitment to innovation has led them to astounding growth in Europe and globally.

Since their debut EP in 2017, Parallelle has developed a rabid fanbase around the world, amassing tens of millions of streams across several groundbreaking projects. Raised in the South of France and influenced by Jazz and Soul music, their ability to integrate diverse global influences into their productions where each composition tells a story and draws from a rich palette of global influences and sounds, has been showcased on stages at iconic venues and festivals including Coachella, DGTL Festival, Burning Man, and Pacha Ibiza.

Parallelle’s influence extends far beyond the music. As the founders of Klassified Records, they unveiled a platform for their own creative expressions and opened a gateway for emerging talents to flourish. Leading the way for up and coming musicians, Parallelle’s The House of Klassified, located in Amsterdam, serves as a creative hub for artists, featuring studios, galleries, and collaborative spaces designed to foster artistic collaboration and innovation. 

As  multi-instrumentalists, composers, producers and record label heads with a revolutionary vision of their version of electronic music, Parallelle does not just blend genres – they make them. Beyond an impressive track record that has garnered them critical acclaim, Parallelle has created a genre uniquely their own. Their performances captivate audiences and transcend the conventional with immersive musical experiences though breathtaking live, hybrid or DJ acts.

Their discography, featuring releases on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Sapiens, and DGTL Records, reflect their ever-evolving musical journey. Each release contributes to their narrative, inviting listeners to explore a range of soundscapes that bridge the past and the futuristic. 

Cementing their creative prowess, the de Bie brothers are not only known for their expert-level music productions, but for their cinematic-caliber content. These visual manifestations of their music come to life in the recently launched “A Day In” video concept series that aims to celebrate and immortalize the soundtrack of their worldly travels while preserving the influences of ancient musical cultures across the world. To create the music on “A Day In”, the brothers capture REAL soundscapes and rework them into sophisticated electronic music productions with accompanying cinematic content. Quite simply these moving, hi-def productions are so vivid they beg you to pick up your passport and go see – and HEAR –  the world.

Thomas and Julien de Bie’s vision for Parallelle is more than creating music; it’s about using music as a medium to create a movement to connect, inspire and transform. As Parallelle continues to chart new territories, they remain at the forefront of a movement that challenges listeners to listen, to explore, and to discover the infinite “parallels” that music can bridge, with 2024 set to be their most memorable year yet. 

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